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I Wanna Be The FangameEdit

GLaDOS can be found as a secret boss on the Right Path of I Wanna Be The Fangame after an Invisible Block gauntlet, and must be defeated to collect the Cake secret item. GLaDOS starts the battle by targeting The Kid with a crosshair, and covering the entire battlefield with a black square apart from a small area around the crosshair. GLaDOS then spends the rest of the battle firing homing rockets at the player, which will attempt to fly into the player while circling around him.

After taking enough damage, a pair of red lasers will cross the top of the screen to kill The Kid if he does not drop lower down. At the same time as this, a layer of spikes rise from the floor to make falling from the platforms more dangerous. From then on as well as the rockets, a large white laser covering half the screen will be periodically fired down, alternating between each side of the arena. This can be avoided by jumping into a portal on the wall of that side, which will transport The Kid to the other side of the arena.

Hitting GLaDOS after this will make her fall off the screen, ending the fall of platforms though the attacks already started will continue. The portals on the walls will disappear, replaced by two on the floor. The left blue portal will lead to a room with two turrets, who will instantly kill the player. The right orange portal leads to the Cake, and heading back into the portal after returns the player to the path.

GLaDOS appears in the beta version of the game, though in an unfinished state. GLaDOS does not use the laser attacks in this version, making the fight much simpler to beat.



I Wanna Be The Fangame (Cave Story - Jenka 2)Edit

Cave Story - Jenka 2

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