The EGG-HVC-001 is a mech piloted by Dr. Eggman which appears as a boss in the Sonic the Hedgehog Series.


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The EGG-HVC-001 appears as the first boss of Sonic CD, fought in Palmtree Panic Zone. It will descend from the right of the screen and will always face left throughout the battle. It will slowly walk forward until it makes it approximately three quarters of the way across the screen, trying to hit the player with its spiked feet, before walking back to the right. It will then walk in place for several seconds before running across the screen, walking back once it reaches approximately two thirds of the way across. This pattern will repeat until the mech is destroyed.

The mech has two springs on its arms, which will bounce back the player if he tries to jump directly into the mech. The springs will be raised if the player tries to jump over them while the mech is walking, but their height will remain fixed while the mech is running. The mech is especially vulnerable while it is preparing to run, as the positioning of the springs will leave Eggman exposed. The back is unprotected, so running under the boss before it lands will make defeating it trivial if the player is willing to take damage in the process.

Each hit on the boss will remove one of the arms, making it easier to damage. After both arms are destroyed and the mech is hit a third time, the mech will explode and Eggman will fly away on a jetpack.



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