Cave Story is an indie game released for the PC. A remade version, known as Cave Story+ was released for the PC, WiiWare and the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console. The game was also reade to incorporate 3D elements, and was released for the Nintendo 3DS as Cave Story 3D. 

Playable CharactersEdit



Starting GameEdit

  • Someone's transmission...
  • Conencting to network,
  • Logged on.
  • Starting IM chat,
  • Kazuma: Sue?
  • Kazuma: are you there?
  • Kazuma: it's me
  • Kazuma: it's Kazuma!
  • Kazuma: I was somehow able to escape, but I got lost
  • Kazuma: I'm in a shelter without anything inside
  • Kazuma: if you're reading this, please answer
  • Kazuma: ...please?

Examining ???Edit

  • ZZZzzz...zzz...

After Obtaining Polar StarEdit

  • Someone's transmission...
  • Searching for "Sue".
  • One "Sue" found.
  • Kazuma: SUUUUE!
  • Kazuma: answer me
  • Kazuma: they're looking for you
  • Kazuma: are you asleep or what?
  • Kazuma: your brother is so lonely...

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