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Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (Console)Edit

Strategy Guide DescriptionEdit

The clone blaze troopers are engineered for the Clone War’s harshest and most unforgiving conditions. Equipped with heavy and nearly impenetrable armor and carrying massive flamethrowers capable of melting most metals, the blaze troopers are also outfitted with personal jet-propulsion gear and trained in forms of aerial combat. Often sent ahead of the clone army’s forces, blaze troopers can also clear battlefield wreckage and environmental obstructions. After they’re released, the blaze troopers burn through enemies and obstacles with unstoppable force.

Flying around the battle area, blaze troopers can quickly approach and attack you. They like to get in close to use their flamethrower and grapple. Because of their heavy armor, these troopers can take a lot of damage and can block some of your slashes. Their weight also makes them difficult to Force push or grasp. The best way to defeat blaze troopers is through a series of combos. Since they can attack in groups, quick slashes and Force-powered combos work best, allowing you to hit several nearby enemies at once.

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